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rubis spa

In 1999, Rubis Spa began developing its luxurious skin care routine in Shanghai China while adhering to the idea of pure skin beauty. To date, Rubis Spa has opened fifteen branches in China, operating as direct-sale stores. In 2008, we joined LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance), the first quality certification system in the world approved by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, to undergo rigorous ISO quality certification. In 2014, Rubis SPA expanded overseas opening a store in Switzerland, the vital centre of cosmetology and skin care. In 2015, we merged with the esteemed Swiss skin care brand ILLYSSIA and set up an Research & Development unit. In 2016, we will open our second overseas store in Toronto, Canada. Rubis SPA has adopted the merits of Asian, European and American cosmetic technologies to specialize in the innovation of skin care treatments and to create exceptional skin care spa experiences for all women.

rubis spa


At Rubis Spa (R SPA), we select only high-end skin care products imported from Switzerland and blend natural elements and advanced technologies to perfection. In addition, we import the best and most advanced cosmetic treatment apparatuses from all over the world. Each of our branches is equipped with State-of-the-Art apparatus. From slimming to firming to recuperation of vitality, we will meet the various needs of women’s skin and ensure superb results.


At Rubis SPA(R SPA), our specialized Research & Development unit is constantly integrating the best international skin care ideas and technologies into superior cosmetic care treatments. We blend our unique neck and facial Pilates massage with athletic concepts, and western massage with oriental facial acupoint massage. When applied along with breathing rhythm, they offer an unparalleled experience and care routine for women’s skin – thus, promoting the beauty of a healthy body, heart and soul.1-01.png


With Rubis SPA (R SPA)’s excelsior skin care mentality, we have been awarded numerous Best SPA awards by internationally renowned publications.

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