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The exclusive and patented ingredient, CHL, is combined with large volumes of Swiss snow water and natural organic vegetative ingredients to accelerate cell regeneration and blood circulation; they repair and expand micro-vascular vessels; they slow, restrain and adjust the skin metabolism and enhance the immune system; and they accelerate cell growth and division and repair the sebum film. With ample vitamin C and cellulose carotene, malic acid, citric acid and other ingredients needed by human body, these products make the skin smooth, protect skin from oxidation, keep free radicals under check, and soften the skin to give it elasticity and strengthen skin’s resistance to external irritations.
An exclusive anti-aging formula. The CHL ingredient can quickly penetrate the underlying skin to repair damaged part from the cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus, which will in turn accelerate the replacement of aging cells and cell regeneration. These products enable the skin to take in as much nutrition as possible to resist aging and prevent wrinkles; they make the skin more delicate, smooth and elastic, they make palpable improvements to the skin texture, prevent damages from environment and light to the skin and effectively resist aging.
A delicate 3-in-1 whitening process for a glowing rejuvenation: stabilize melanin; rebuild the defense systems and anti-oxidation. The precious vegetation extracts used in this product work to curb skin melanin formation during the day, then dissolve melanin at night and accelerate metabolism, and put the melanin generating system into hibernation; at the same time, they lighten existing spots and build a strong defense system to enable the skin to preserve its fair complexion and moisturized luster while in the sun.
The Illyssia luxury series are the essence of highest quality, rich in rare and precious skin care ingredients; these anti-aging star products are manufactured with cutting-edge technologies to give the skin a charging-style concentrated care and repair and restore the skin’s inherent protective function; at the same time, they accelerate collagen generation to allow skin to carry on uninterrupted cellular reproduction even during sleep; By keeping elasticity, softness and shininess awake, they give unprecedented vitality to skin, and smooth wrinkles and restore elasticity and firmness to make skin glowing again.
Extra-effective and condensed natural organic vegetation oil essence deeply stimulates the underlying skin tissues, improves cellular resilience, effectively strengthens the skin elasticity, then improves skin conditions. These products accelerate cellular regeneration and provides ample nutrition and moisture for the skin to make it tender, moist, crystal clear and soft
A brand new, unique and patented vegetation living cells formula – the second generation of highly efficient living cell compound “ECR” (cell composite element), extracted from plants such as beech buds, watermelon and white lotus. It can effectively counterbalance free radicals and play a pivotal role in oxygen supply to cells. Moreover, in accordance with the structure of skin tissues, this product keeps cells free of oxidation, rebuilds highly active skin cells, repairs and fortifies the fibrous tissue network to protect DNA from ultraviolet light and radiation and restore balanced purity.