rubis spa

For skin type:
Suitable for preventing and improving permanent and pseudo wrinkles, anti-aging, loose and severely malnourished skin and those who wish to improve their facial contours.

The ANTI-AGING model begins by repairing the primitive function of cells and rebuilds the internal structure to lift the facial contours. When excessive dead skin layer or clogged pores are present, it is necessary to start with exfoliating or pores unclogging before intensively adding and retaining moisture to deep layers of skin to vitalize basal cells and enhance their antioxidant capacity. The treatments in this model contain plenty of French anti-fatigue sturgeon roes, “Plants Areginine Essence” and other ingredients to replenish the skin collagen. Moreover, it fully insulates and shields sunlight and prevents UV damages to skin.
Once a week, 6 times a course and two courses a cycle. Use in conjunction with in-home skin care.